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Slow Return of the Muse!

It's been awhile, but I'm a bit more active in terms of art! I haven't been publishing as much as most of them are doodles, yet I have plenty of sketches ready to be lined and colored! Sadly I have drifted from my annual goals. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost, and I plan on getting back on track to completing my goals for the year. I am set back a couple months, yet I won't allow that to discourage me! Small progress is still progress. While I complete those goals, I would like to continue to work on more side projects in the downtime. I have gathered plenty of ideas at my last comic convention. The experience was great and different! Just being on the other side of the table is eye opening in itself. Sadly, I was at my booth alone for most of the time, so I didn't get to attend many panels. I did occupy my time geeking out with customers and drawing! I did become burnt out near the end. As I turn my ideas into reality, I have to make sure to pace myself. I'm confident my rise of muse will keep me going for a week or two though! My progress on current pieces and plans for future projects will be told in another blog. I'll have more of an idea of specific updates once I establish my short term goals, so look out for that!

If you are in the Utah area, my future appearances are as follows:

Ogden UnCon - June 7 to 9th

I'm still looking out for more showcasing opportunities, so stay tuned on my social media!

Until next time which would be hopefully sooner than a couple months!

Ja ne~!

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