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I should really try to update this more often...

I'm very terrible at writing down my thoughts and what is going on with my life. Too much is going on and I'm spread too thin at times, but I can feel myself coming back together, and that's wonderful! I've discovered so many new things about myself and about the world. Some of my newfound knowledge can be applied right away while the other information needs to be munched on a bit more. More of that another day.

Now let's see, what have I been up to for the past couple months. I have been updating Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess on the regular. Out of curiosity and experimentation, I moved the update time from Sunday to Monday mornings, and I am hoping I receive more community engagement that way. So far, there are inconclusive results, but I have noticed that reminding people that my comic exists helps to bring in a few more views. I just need to figure out how to entrance subscribers. I'd like to interact with people like [RED] & ★flynn, but they've been at this game for a bit longer and actually have some game plan, maybe, with how the story goes. Me? Princess Paeosfu and I are explorers with no real destination in sight. Exciting isn't it?

I have already gotten a couple favorite characters to draw namely Yiskaña and Roskavna who has yet to be properly introduced in the comic at the time of this blog post. I mean writing about her and seeing her physical manifestation makes me want to play with the dialogue I have with her a lot more!

haha I've had way to much fun with this.

Roskavna is not a cat or neko by the way. Her face just made me see her more feline like.

I somewhat fell off my month buffer, but I'm hoping to start stacking up again during spring break that is coming up in a few days. I have outlined a few things for the next few pages. I just need to rough in the images, ink, and shade them. Then I get to start writing again since I'll be starting to run out of material! Oh boi haha.

I have placed my storyboard of the "Prince of Darkness" on the back burner for now. I have picked up continuing the storyboard, but I'm reworking the pacing in my head. I've already cut a few things from my thumbnail sketches. I'm hoping to pick up work with that after school is over!

Unfortunately, but fortunately at the same time, I've doodled a segue into the fairy universe I have been planning for years now during one of my streams.

Caption this!

Out of mindless doodles came this funky cartoon. I have had multiple iterations of stories where the character has to deal with a manifestation of "the other," and this new cast of characters seem to emulate this hidden desire. Of course, I do plan on visit the idea with other characters in different universes in the unknown future. For now, I decided to explore the life of Valley, the Pearl looking figure with two...things coming from her back. Yep. That's Valley or Zahdgrroh for her fairy name. She's a fairy who's going to help me break open my fairy universe. Madness, or Vyuvste, will finally make her appearance!

This comic is going to be a lot more lax with 4 panels per page and with more of a slice of life feel rather than a 30 page graphic novel with any sort of narrative arc.

This is the comic book cover for this collection of day to day recollections. The main material will follow Pit, Pat, and Valley, but I do plan on exploring the day to day lives of other characters as well. Who knows, maybe one of those characters will lead to a spin off graphic novel. *looks over at Vyuvste smiling mischievously at me.*

Those are the major projects happening now along with my senior thesis and other class projects.

Finally, I did give the website some updates. You may or may not notice it if you aren't poking around the tabs.I have updated the live stream page. Additionally since Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess. affectionately shortened to Princess Paeosfu or Abstract Princess, is expanding, I decided to devote a few more pages regarding the comic. Once I have time I may make a website or that part of the website more Abstract related, but for now, it's home page is located at From there you can read the lore, an update on the story, learn a bit more about the characters, and view some art related to the comic. Further developments to keep the website as simple as possible are being made.

Feel free to support my endeavors on or I'll be aiming to post on the blog once a month. Perhaps I'll be consistently posting twice a month by the end of the year! The best way to keep up with my shenanigans is following me on the social media, as indicated on the bottom of the page. I'm on twitter @operationugawts, on tumblr @operationugawts, on deviantart @operationugawts, and on instagram @operationugawts. Catch me on one of my streams or just say hi on the message boards.

Have a wonderful spring!

Ja ne!

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