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A Productive Start to the Month

Wow. A week into August already. How time flies! I believe the past week was a productive one. I worked on a few art goals, made some progress on my work-in-progress pieces, and found a couple more acquaintances!

I think mixing up the stream helps a bit to keep the energy going, so even if I start multiple projects, it’s nice to work on different things!

What type of things have I been working on the stream you wonder?

It’s gotten to the point where I have “the usual” work which is composed of drawing out Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess comic pages and some Osomatsu-san fan art. I feel like my work flow for the comic has quickened a little bit, but it could go a bit faster! I’m still trying to have two (2) or three (3) outline pages done before I throw in the color. I fell behind slightly with that, yet I’m hoping to get on top of it very soon!

As for the Osomatsu-san fan art, I have been entering a couple challenges! The first challenge was to draw a back-to-school themed Matsuno fan art. I wasn’t a finalist, but I believe it might have been not super school-like enough. Just seeing the picture you’d think Todomatsu is just skipping with pompoms. I could have worked with the theme a bit more! For the second Matsuno challenge which is a month long, you have to enter a certain category: art, animation, appreciation post, or a story!

I am currently working on an animation of Karamatsu running, doing one of his famous twirls to transform into a magical girl, and landing to impress his brothers. Spoiler alert: they are not amused.

I’ve included thumbnail sketches for the storyboard.

Over the next few days I am going to refine the storyboard and hopefully start on the animation!! This was my original idea. When I was cleaning out the garage, I was listening to “Masquerade” by the Backstreet Boys and thought “oh my gosh this works for the brothers so well!” I started storyboarding that and realized it was going to be a lot more work than just a month’s time. I placed that idea on the back burner. I may try to do it after I finish “The Dark Rose!”

Speaking of “The Dark Rose”…No progress yet. Imma probably work on it after this blog. Dx. Listen, I don’t know why, but at the end of the day, I’m so tired that all I could really do is work on the Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess script. I think I have to schedule working on the animation during the day because now it’s just sad. I still plan on working on those turn around poses next week whether or not the animatic is finished! It’s seriously crunch time. :U

On a not so tight deadline, is my effort to reboot my stream! I’ve started with the emotes and had varying success with that. I am not quite to the point where I can advertise that I make emotes, but at the level I have it now, they are usable at least for discord! Maybe I can find a discord audience? xD;

Smile Emote

Glasses Emote

I currently drafted for happy, laugh, and sunglasses. I’m figuring out the workflow for those! Depending how far I get for the end of the week, I may start on the other stream elements next week! I’m hoping to just keep poppin’ ‘em out since I’m just sketching in Corel Painter and bringing the drafts into illustrator. I may do a series of sketches and then do an Illustrator / Inkscapes stream of the emotes on different days. I’m excited!

For my “making bank” goal, I have had a mixed reception to my robot adoptable idea.

I might need to design something more appealing. People seem to like it on Amino Apps and Instagram, but I can count the number of people who are interested in them on my hand. I think I need to make them flashier or people may just not be into robots. *inserts sad face* (Haha I’ll be able to insert my own emotes soon!)

Anyway, I’ll probably be trying a different adoptable this weekend or next week. It depends on how much I get through this week! They’d probably be OCs I put up for adoption. Hopefully I won’t get too attached. xD;

On a different note, I have a couple work-in-progress pieces I’m pretty proud of and would like to use for my commission page once they are completed!

Of course, it hinges on me completing them. I’ve also been advertising my redbubble store a bit more in hopes to gain traffic and catch an interested party’s eye.

Finally, I have made progress in my community engagement goal. As mentioned previously, I have submitted to one art challenge (back-to-school Matsus), and I am in progress of the month-long art challenge to make an Osomatsu-san related animation! Yesterday I had submitted an art piece for another amino challenge. It was dubbed the #creatureschallenge, and I entered my demon boy, Wrath. I took it way to seriously near the end, but I like him!

I have my qualms about Amino, but I’ll put that rant in another blog. xP

For now, that’s it! See ya next week!

Ja ne~!

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