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January Goals; Ringing in the New Year Part Two

This is more or less an unofficial addendum to my previous blog post. It was becoming lengthy, so I decided to give a double feature this week!

I've mentioned a couple of my January goals already, but I'd like to devote a small blog specifically for them! I'm trying to be more realistic with myself, so I'm striving for two or three goals per month versus four or more. I will include "nice haves" goals in case I finished a main goal. I'll do my best to finish the main goals before I do the nice have goals.

Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess

- Finish chapter two. I'm currently half way through the first draft. What I currently have has been combed over multiple times already, however. After I look over the whole chapter a few times, I'll publish it and put it on my patreon (warning it's super dusty).

- Weekly progression of Abstract Princess

* Finish up my current fauna paintings; upload them; create entries for them on my website and patreon.

* Complete Goreestuv artwork.

* Complete Zoost (name still in progress) color study.

* Create Zoost's character sheet.

* Create Ginyin's character sheet.

* Finish page 20 line art.

* Bonus: Work on chapter 1 cover art.

Chicks and Ann

- Write happy ending to children's book.

- Draft happy ending to children's book.

- Upload original pages and drafts to patreon?

The Dark Rose

- Finish first draft color study of Ninsen.

- Block out story arc for The Dark Rose.

- Create face studies of Ninsen.

I mentioned for my Youtube channel revival goal that I'd do biweekly animations. I was on the Animation Art + MAP amino, and they did weekly animation prompts which really helped! They stopped, so I didn't have any ideas for animations. Well darn-it, I'm going to find ounce of inspiration even if it'll just be a bouncing ball transforming into something. I had a handful of ideas from a couple years ago. However, I was hoping to do whole music videos like this back then:

These animations will be short (no longer than 30 seconds).

I'd either have a week or two weeks to do it. I storyboarded one animation, so keep a look out for that!

That's it for the monthly goals. I'll check back in a fortnight~!

Ja ne!

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