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LOVEly February; January Wrap Up

We've made it to February~!

First off: Happy Chinese New Year! For my fellow piggies out there:

Happy Chinese New Year: Year of the Pig

I'm a bit sad I wasn't in the head space to finish everything I had set out to do in January, but I think I did a pretty good job completing mostly everything.

For example, Goreestuv's slice of life pic had been finished:

Goreestuv caught red handed.

It's currently available on redbubble, but I'll put it up for sale on my personal storefronts soon!

I have also finished the Zoost color study and practiced Roskavna's colors also. I've been experimenting in Corel Painter lately, and I've continued to find some neat brushes!

Zoost is about to explode!!

I was bitten by the button bug, and in my button creation, I've made button art with Yiskaña and the Viagyen plant! Yi needed some more art readily available. I do have a sticker planned for him, but I'm thinking that I might wait until I can create vinyl stickers. We'll see! In planning the buttons, I wanted to make a flower for all the floral lovers out there. Instead of wondering how to make an ordinary plant look a little more alive, I decided to use the Taygyensaiteno which was the most flowery and impressionable plant I have at the moment! I was tempted to put on eyes and a smirk.

Mynethra Character Design

I also took a moment to draw out a character design for Mynethra (Mi-ne-thrah)! They show up momentarily in chapter 2, and I wanted a visual as I proceeded to describe them. I really love the outfit, and I may put more characters in it! Since Myne is a minor character, I'm not going to do a whole character/expression sheet. I am debating to include them more later in the story. If not in the first book, they may make more of an appearance in the second!

My friend Absolute helped me in my motivation deprived mood one day and gave me a challenge to draw something before he returned to work. I was about to submit just the lineart to show that I was a little productive, I went ahead and added some color. Now this is being used wherever a thumbnail is needed for my comic as opposed to a really old drawing of Paeosfu or a random cropping of my comic.

Paeosfu and her Abstract form

That's about all I've done over the past two weeks. I may not have completed the suggested list of items to work on each week, but I've managed to achieve a personal goal of working on something Princess Paeosfu: Journeys of the Abstract Princess related every week!

I have also finished a draft of chapter two which is HUGE since it shows I'm working on my story and soon the comic! I just have to review a few edits, give it another once over, and I can post it to Patreon. I can actually start parsing it up into panels now. I'm excited!!

Continuing into February, I will definitely aim to work on more Abstract Princess art and story! Anything to help get the name out there!

Not much to say about Chicks and Ann. I really just need to be in the mood for it to be honest. It's a great way to practice backgrounds, so I'm going to pick a week in February and punch those out. A background a day, yeah?

On the other hand, I managed to punch out all of my goals for The Dark Rose this month! Ninsen has all his faces--well he'd have more expressions beyond this, but this was an exercise.

9 Facial Expression of Ninsen Herman

I have a story arc written for what the trailer would be for, and I picked up so many screen writing references that I feel confident everything will work out! I now have to dive in and fill out the scenes in between the major plot points and develop the subplots a bit more. I can then dive deeper to plot out all the scenes and determine where I'm breaking off for episodes and seasons! Sounds like a good goal for February... I also do have some poses I'd like to practice with Ninsen and Eli. We'll see!

Finally, I did finish my biweekly animation!

Head turn smirk.

I really should have two to present to ya'll, but I was lazy last week. I hope to actually have it done today since it'll be a simple logo animation. I just have to wrestle with the software. Once that's complete, I could have something to put in my future videos! I would like to combine the animations I did, and put them in a snappy video to upload to my youtube channel. I already uploaded my 2019 animation, so maybe I'd include my other animations from 2018 to fill it out. I'll think about how I want to go about it some more!

And that's it! Overall, I think I did pretty well in both planning my objectives and meeting many of them! I'm going to stick to two or three projects with two to three goals to make progress on them. The weekly animations is a fun exercise, and I definitely look forward to do more! I need to follow more animators for inspiration though!

So what else did I do in January? I worked on fan art!

I did a crossover with my original character Supoya Starrain with Nishinoya Yuu from Haikyuu and Sanji from One Piece. I gained the Haikyuu fever and absolutely adore Nishinoya! I really wanted to draw him but doing something other than volleyball! My original plan was to do a food eating contest, but that was a lot, so I only stuck with these three! Supoya has a stomach that could rival Nishinoya's and Luffy's! This is my new laptop background!

Supoya, Nishinoya, Sanji cooking desktop background

I came to a point in the Haikyuu! manga where Nekoma high school was battling another school for a spot at the national tournament. Side note, I find it cool that Furadate-sensei would focus on other characters and not just highlight Hinata and Kageyama and the Karasuno high school team. He also gives personality to the other team members too! Nishinoya is my favorite. Although in this volume of the manga, Furadate-sensei focuses on the characters and the game between Nekoma and Fukuroo! Kuroo Tetsurou was my favorite both in his personality and his hair. I decided to pair him up with my other favorite character with a fun, well dark, personality and messy hair: Ichimatsu Matsuno from Osmomatsu-san! The Matsuno brothers are having a movie come out in March! The story highlights their high school adventures, so I stuck Ichimatsu in his high school uniform. I'd imagine Ichimatsu would transfer to Nekoma just to be in a school with "neko" in the name. For now, I dressed the two up in their school uniforms and gave them cat headphones. Here's to hoping I get my own pair one day!

Kuroo and Ichimatsu

As I mentioned earlier, I have also been experimenting a bit in Corel Painter. I was watching Serhat Çakır on twitch, and I was inspired by how he used highly textured brushes to shade. I decided to poke around with FX brushes and created this doodle. If I wanted a glow effect, I think I figured out how to do that!

I continued my experiments with buttons! I had to use the makerspace shop earlier than usual, so I designed a few buttons, and I'm slowly creating them!

Artwork I had currently made needs to be readjusted since the pattern I used wasn't quite right. More of that in my February monthly post~!

That's it for my January wrap up!

Since I won't see ya'll for another couple weeks, Happy Valentine's Day or Single Person Awareness Day~!

I love you beary much.

You're my sunshine~!

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