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A little hiatus, but I have returned!

It has been a hot three weeks since I've done an update. Trips had certainly thrown me off my groove, but that's alright! I am back home now!

For the first week of September, I was prepping for a comic con! I worked on my Karamatsu cosplay:

and my Trafalgar law cosplay:

It took me two (2) tries to create the Bepo cosplay. Being a beginner at creating my own outfits, I forgot to add a way to remove it. The poor Teddy bear is now Bepo now. My brother didn't seem to mind. xD;

I also created fan art for Greg Cipes since he was there as well!

Additionally, I spent some time reformatting a few of my older pictures to work as prints. For example, my AU Paeosfu as a teenager was altered a bit so that I can print it out for Ms. E.G. Daily to sign it!! I want to continue to make more original drawings for print since it was surprisingly inexpensive on nice thick paper. I'm out here wondering why people are selling their 11 x 17" prints for upwards of $20 when it took me like $2 to make mine. I bought more smaller prints since they were more economical and I can stick them into my art books. I'll save the wall space for my own creations kekeke.

Meanwhile, I made art for a drawing challenge because I knew I wasn't going to get to the challenge if I had waited. The challenge ends tomorrow. xD The challenge was to convert an animal game character into human or a human game character into an animal. I thought about doing Leonardo from the TMNT, but I felt that was more comic / tv than game, so I chose another pretty cool turtle. B)

I finished up a few art requests I had queued for a little bit including an animation which has become increasingly quicker through each iteration:

and a drawing request for a character in my world of Tayavon:

I have an art trade I need to finish along with pages of Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess. I took too long to finish the pages, so now my buffer is gone. *le sigh* I'm going to build the buffer again and resume posting pages! The comic should return in October!

Meanwhile, my September goals will be placed on hold while I work on the comic pages. I don't know when I'll get back into streaming. I have slightly adjusted my streaming schedule since I adjusted my daily calendar. Between the art trade and the comic, I might try to slip some September goal progress in there, but don't hold your breath!

Welp, that's what I've been up to for these past few weeks. I should not be traveling anymore in the near future. Hopefully I can quickly get back on my feet and produce more art! There are a few arts and crafts shows along with farmer's markets I would like to submit my art to and bring in some of that revenue!

I'm going to need a business card first. Haha So much to do. So little time. Anyway, see you next week! (For real this time)

Já ne!



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