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Dusting off the Cobwebs

Hey everyone! It's been a while. I've been caught up in creating product for my business, preparing for events, and filling out applications for school that I haven't had the motivation to type up anything. ^^; I am back for now in the final month of the year!

So what have I been doing? Not my art goals except that "making bank" art goal. I wouldn't quite say I'm making bank yet, but I have been making sales at the past four events, receiving compliments on my artwork, and networking! I still have plenty of business cards to give out, and I don't think I'll be making any reorders soon.

I haven't been hiding away my initial prints, but I have been adding bookmarks, stickers, and paintings to my storefront. The stickers are definitely an attention grabber, people seem to like the bookmarks, and I have people interested in the original paintings!

You can find stickers, prints, and bookmarks on my websites:

I am still working on filling out my inventory!

Some samples of the stickers:

My experiences have been positive so far. I'm hoping that the event on Sunday, December 9 would prove fruitful since I'm bringing in holiday cards I made for a holiday themed art fair, so much clay art, and more paintings!

Here are some of my holiday cards I made! Since I don't personally celebrate Christmas, I think my confusion to why I'm creating Christmas cards ended up in many of my drawings.

I received an idea to make get well cards, so that may be my next project if I gain any ideas!

During my last event, I made some sketches I turned into prints, so hopefully those would be popular as well! I decided to play it safe and only make two copies of the prints. One so I could say that I sold out (ahaha), and two I can increase the variety without sacrificing space. If people really like a certain print, I'll make a note and bring more next time. If they don't, I only have two versus five...or eight...or ten. (When I did self-printing I went a little crazy okay.)

I did sign up for a local comic con, so I'm hoping since the audience is different, my character prints would be more popular! In these art fairs, people liked my landscape art the most. However, I did have a customer who was all for my Next Roboticist characters, and I was so happy. I have to remember to include my little slips of paper for people to look at the animation when they buy anything related to the Next Roboticist or to look at the comic when they buy Princess Flux: Journeys of the Abstract Princess. Although, I'm also gauging the age range for the latter because the Abstract Princess is more a Teen (+) comic mostly for the violence and the language. Shoutout to the maturer younger crowd though.

I might do some promotional art for the comic, but only when I get back to making the pages. I feel a bit burnt out from making art for the events. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do! The stickers are my favorite things. I just don't have a lot of energy for the comic or even the animation project. I'm hoping to find that spark by drawing the characters in different poses. :) I also lost my USB containing edits for the first chapter and parts of the second chapter, so that bummed me out a bit. There is a possibility I forgot it at the library when I scanned in my artwork, but if I can't find it, I'll have to start over which is disheartening, but I'm not going to quit over it! I think I may finish the story and then work on the comic. If I have a mighty need, I'll work on pages, but I'll limit to posting once or twice a month versus every week. Maybe I'd start doing them in color? Who knows haha. Princess Flux is on hiatus again. Hopefully not for long!

I have picked up streaming intermittently again. I definitely miss it. I've been doing traditional artwork mostly lately, but if there are any digital pieces, I try to stream them. My stream page has tentative times I may be streaming and the platforms I will be streaming on. The platforms are a definite yes, the streaming times are tentative. I'm looking for a part-time job, so they may shift again, but for now, I do what I can!

I believe that's all the updates I have for the past month or so. I am hoping to doodle more of my original characters. I have a couple fan art ideas whirling in my head, and I'd like to finish a couple of my work in progress artworks which aren't as many as I initially thought.

So until next time,

ja ne~!

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